FAQs about the Multi-Camera Live Streaming App

What is Live Switcher

Live Cut Switcher is multi-camera live streaming app. It lets you sync up to 8 iPads and iPhones and switch frame-accurate between them. The iOS video switcher app provides live editing, recording, customizable overlays and multistreaming to social platforms and RTMP servers.

Is the multi-camera live streaming app available for both iOS and Android?

No. The app is only available for iOS. You can install Live Cut Switcher on iPads and iPhones with iOS 16.4 or later.

Can I use the video switcher app on desktop?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it.

Which streaming platforms do you support?

Live Cut Switcher supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn, and custom RTMP destinations.

Can I stream to more than one social platform simultaneously?

Yes, Live Cut Switcher supports multistreaming.

Can I use one of the phones as a hotspot if there is no WiFi?


Can I remove the Live Cut Switcher watermark from my livestream?

Yes, the Live Cut Switcher watermark is enforced for free users only. You can remove the Live Cut Switcher watermark from your livestream once you upgrade. The watermark on your livestream will not be shown as long as you maintain your subscription. Learn more about our pricing.

Can I suggest new features?

Yes, we would be very happy about that. If you have any good ideas please suggest them here.