Switcher Studio vs. Live Cut Switcher

Established performer vs. budget-friendly newcomer. Who offers the better price-performance ratio?

In the realm of mobile live streaming, two standout contenders, Switcher Studio and Live Cut Switcher, vie for your attention. Both iOS apps are crafted to empower content creators, businesses, and organizations with the ability to produce captivating live videos and livestreams using iPads and iPhones. While they share the same overarching goal, they do so through slightly different lenses, catering to distinct needs and budgets. In this comparison, we’ll delve into their features to help you make an informed choice.

Common Ground in Core Functionality

Both Switcher Studio and Live Cut Switcher lay the foundation for multi-camera live streaming using iPhones and iPads, providing a user-friendly and convenient setup.

Switcher Studio: The Established Performer

Switcher Studio has earned its reputation as a dependable choice, serving a diverse user base. It boasts a robust feature set, making it a versatile tool for a range of scenarios. With the capability to connect up to nine iOS devices as remote cameras, it’s ideally suited for more complex productions. Notably, it also supports professional cameras, providing flexibility in your setup.

Switcher Studio includes an in-app video chat feature for remote guests, streamlining interviews and collaborations. It enables screensharing from on-site iOS devices and computers, broadening your content possibilities. Additionally, it offers cloud storage for your assets, encompassing customizable text, background images, and overlays, enhancing the professional quality of your streams.

In the realm of live production, Switcher Studio provides features such as video transitions, scenes, and the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple camera feeds. However, it does not feature an integrated audio mixer.

Live Cut Switcher: The Budget-Friendly Newcomer

Live Cut Switcher, the newcomer on the block, sets itself apart with its incredibly affordable pricing, starting at just $6.99 per month. While its feature set may not rival Switcher Studio’s, it offers essential functionality at an enticing price point.

What makes Live Cut Switcher distinctive is its brand new user interface, based on iOS 17. This fresh interface provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. Like Switcher Studio, Live Cut Switcher supports multi-camera setups, customizable text, background images, and overlays. It also facilitates smooth transitions between camera feeds and boasts an integrated audio mixer, allowing you to fine-tune your audio on the fly.

While Live Cut Switcher may not include some of the advanced features found in Switcher Studio, its modern interface and budget-friendly pricing make it an appealing option for users looking for a reliable live streaming solution that won’t break the bank.

Who offers the better price-performance ratio?

When it comes to mobile live streaming, Live Cut Switcher offers a superior price-performance ratio. With a price of just $6.99 per month, it provides essential functionality and an integrated audio mixer.

While Switcher Studio has more features, if you’re looking for affordability without sacrificing key capabilities, Live Cut Switcher is the clear choice. It proves that quality live streaming doesn’t have to be expensive, making it ideal for content creators of all levels.


Live Cut
Up to nine iPhones and iPads as remote cameras
Professional cameras
Screensharing from on-site iOS devices and computers
In-app video chat feature for Remote Guests
Live Cut
Customizable text, e.g. titles and lower-thirds
Background images and ovalays
Pre-recorded videos and audio
Cloud for storing assets
Switching and mixingSwitcher
Live Cut
Switch between multiple camera feeds
Multiview templates
Video transitions
Scenes / Cards
Audio Mixer
Live Cut
Portrait or landscape mode
Custom RTMP
YouTube integration
Facebook integration
Twitch integration
Vimeo integration
Embeddable video player
Switching and mixingSwitcher
Live Cut
Basketball scoreboard
Baseball scoreboard


Switcher Studio: $99 – $299 / Month

Live Cut Switcher: $6,99 / Month





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